Investment Data Warehouse

PivotData’s data warehouse is a pre-configured and customizable investment data warehouse based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. We specialize in developing and implementing data warehouse solutions for the investment industry. Our team fully understands the unique reporting and analytical requirements, and the complex ownership structures, of each type of entity.

PivotData’s consultants will lead your team through the data governance process of needs assessment, validation of key measures, and the development of your organization’s data model.

PivotData’s Data Warehouse serves as a single, central repository for your company’s investment holdings reference data, performance data, regulatory and compliance data, and CRM data. PivotData’s data model has been deployed at leading investment management firms and supports a wide range of asset classes from simple fixed income and equity, to complex derivatives structured products and alternatives. The data model contains pre-defined modules and dimensions for data from your general ledger, payables, receivables, projects, fixed assets, and more, as well as user-defined modules for any other data source and dimensions you need to support your analytical and reporting needs.

PivotData’s data warehouse is a historical data repository which will deliver consistent reporting and analytics across the organization, and at any entity level required.

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