Our Process

PivotData has developed a proven Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (DW/BI) Solution through a rigorous, hands-on Data Governance methodology for identifying the DW/BI needs of specific firms in the investment management industry. We understand the unique business priorities, analytical, and reporting requirements that enable a Data Warehouse projects success. Aligning the data warehouse/business intelligence environment with a specific business’s requirements allows us to create a data management and warehouse solution that reduces project costs and time to market for our DW/BI project implementations.

Our solutions are focused on specific sectors of the investment industry. Our goal for the DW/BI solution is to publish the appropriate data on a timely basis, and make it easily accessible to management. This effort is achieved through the successful implementation of a dimensional model delivering both flexibility of analytics and reporting. Our process results in design specifications which describe dimension tables, associated columns, and required business rules. The data model, combined with our ETL processes, creates a market ready DW/BI solution for our clients.

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