ETL Capabilities

Pivot Data has developed ETL processes for the leading partnership accounting, general ledger, and CRM applications used by the investment industry including, but not limited to:

  • Advent AXYS
  • Sungard
  • QuickBooks Investran
  • Microsoft Great Plains
  • Microsoft Dynamics

In addition to our existing ETL capabilities, we have the ability to develop ETL processes for any type of database, structured or unstructured, that you may need to load to the data warehouse. Our ETL processes seamlessly integrate your organization’s operational databases into a cohesive data model that will ensure reliable, consistent analysis and reporting across your entire organization.

PivotData’s ETL design process incorporates the following tasks that are required to move data from your source applications to your data warehouse:

  • Validate data consistency from source to destination
  • Integrate source data changes into monitoring processes
  • Performance tuning, error repair, and processes scheduling
  • Create transformation scripts for the new business requirements
  • Maintain and monitor transformation scripts

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