Benefits of Our Approach

  • PivotData’s data warehouse is built upon Microsoft SQL Server platform and can integrate with virtually any database or file-based data source.
  • User-friendly, non-technical administrative interface allows business people to configure and manage the data warehouse, including adding modules and dimensions, inserting new dimension members, managing attributes to empower better reporting, running scripts to manipulate data, etc.

  • Data and dimensions from data sources can be scheduled for automatic import, or you can perform one-time or occasional import through user-friendly file import menus.
  • Integrated – The data warehouse can capture data from operational systems and ensure it is consistent and meets established quality criteria.
  • Entity Oriented – All data elements relating to the same business object are grouped and linked together.
  • All changes to the data are tracked and recorded so that reports can be produced showing changes over time.
  • Data is never overwritten or deleted – once committed, the data is static, read-only, and retained for future reporting.